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When Is NYSC 2023 Batch A Stream 2 Online Registration & Camp Date? Click Here To Know


There is no greater characteristics that defines a Prospective Corp Member (PCM) as the characteristics of asking questions. In fact PCMs can ask questions for Africa (funny yes i know) but this is a good thing because with such feature, you will not miss anything.

Below are some list of relevant questions always asked by 2022 BATCH C PCMs. 

  • QUESTION: How will i know which NYSC stream i belong? Also how do i ascertain if i will be posted in stream 1 and not moved over to the next 2023 batch A Stream 2 after my online registration.
  • AnswerYou can only ascertain which stream you belong to when call up letter is outAvoid being deceived with the following statements: (i) If you register late you will fall in the next stream (FALSE) because even last to register can be placed in a stream 1 and first to register can be rolled over to the next stream of a particular batch. (ii) If you print out greencard late you will fall in the next stream (FALSE). (iii) Using a trick whereby if you try to make correction on your dashboard and you see mobilized you will fall in the current stream (FALSE). Wait for call up letter to know what stream you belong. As for this current 2023 Batch A Stream 1. Not everyone who receives call up number and print their green card will be posted or issued call up letter, some will be spilled over to 2023 Batch A Stream 2. There has never been a time that everyone who registered were posted the same time.
  • QUESTION: Will PCMs be vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering camp? And how compulsory is the vaccination? 
  • AnswerWe have a detailed article as regards to this bothering question so CLICK HERE to see
  • QUESTION: Are PCMs urged to undergo COVID-19 tests prior to their orientation camp? 
  • AnswerNo, Prospective Corps Members will only be told to fill and print a COVID-19 test form from their dashboard if need be. The link for the form will be activated on their various dashboards when the time comes and NYSC feels its necessary. They will further be communicated to by the NYSC management on when to do that "IF NEED BE".

  • QUESTION: Do Polytechnic graduates require only ND certificate? 

  • Answer: No, the NYSC management has stated that all polytechnic graduates are required to present their original ND and HND results in form of original certificate or statement of result. 

  • QUESTION: When are those waiting for remobilization going to register? 

  • Answer: NYSC portal is always opened for remobilization either before or during registration for any Batch/Stream. The link for remobilization will be very visible like that of revalidation on the front page of the Registration portal. To know more about Remobilization click here

  • QUESTION: Will the NYSC Orientation Camp Take a full capacity of Corp members like before considering the new COVID-19 protocols? 

  • Answer: No, the National Youth Service Corp Orientation Camp capacities have been lessened since the COVID-19 breakout and this is to enable Corp members adhere strictly to the new Covid-19 protocols, usually batches are divided into Streams and even sub-streams sometimes just to ease this development. In other words not everyone who registers successfully will serve in that particular batch or stream going for camp, some will be carried over. 

  • QUESTION: Can the medical certificate i have be used to apply for NYSC relocation? 

  • Answer: No, the Medical Certificate of fitness you have done only shows that you are fit for the NYSC orientation exercise. You will need a genuine Medical Report (Doctor's report) from a well recognized government hospital if there is need for you to relocate on health ground. To know more about Relocation click here.

  • QUESTION: As a married PCM, with respect to my just concluded NYSC online registration, my surname automatically changed to the surname of my husband, every effort to change it back or revert the process proved abortive, what is my faith?  

  • Answer: Every married female PCM who has successfully uploaded the necessary documents needed for their online registration will have their maiden name automatically changed to the maiden name of their husband. This process is usually carried out by the system so that they can enjoy concessional deployment/posting to their husband's place of residence. This process is based on marital grounds. See the list of documents all married women are to upload during online.

  • QUESTION: What should foreign trained graduate do?  if they have successfully gone for physical verification and still get notification on their dashboard which reads "You have not yet been evaluated"

  • QUESTION: Is it true that statement of results already laminated are not accepted in the orientation camp? 

  • Answer: Actually this is partially true, here is the reason i used "partially true". Some NYSC camp officials warn against lamination of statement of results due to unforseen reasons but despite the warning they still accept laminated statement of result. Just save yourself the stress and embarrassment and don't laminate, to enable easy verification of your document. So if you have already laminated yours, do not panic it will be accepted. 
  • QUESTION: My School ID Card is old (Expired), will it be accepted in camp for documentation

  • Answer: Yes, expired school ID cards are accepted in camps provided its your original School ID card. NYSC is aware that not all schools issue final year ID card for NYSC
  • QUESTION: Can i use departmental ID card for camp registration in place of School ID card? 

  • Answer: Absolutely "NO"

  • QUESTION: I did my Medical Certificate of Fitness long time ago, is it still possible for it to be accepted? 

  • Answer: No, the validity of a medical fitness certificate as stated by the NYSC management board is three (3) months, once it exceeds 3 months you are advised to go for another test and obtain an updated medical fitness certificate. This is because it is very likely for an individual to develop an ailment within 3 months so he or she has to know the status of their health again after 3 months elapse. 
  • QUESTION: If my name was on NYSC senate list in previous batch and i did not register what should i do in a subsequent batch to come? 

  • Answer: Once NYSC opens the portal for checking of names on Senate List, PCMs who have seen their names on senate list before but didn't register online should verify if their name is still on senate list before proceeding for registration. If their name is no longer on senate list they should quickly contact their respective institution. But no worries there is always 90% chance that their name will still be on senate list.

  • QUESTION: If after being mobilized and posted to a state in a particular Batch and i refuse to go to camp due to tangible reasons, will i be posted to the same state i was posted to before when i revalidate the next batch? 

  • Answer: Well, you turn out to be in a new Batch and will be posted to any state randomly according to NYSC. Or ordinarily you will be posted to the previous state you were deployed before. All you have to do after revalidation is just reprint your CaIl-up Letter when it is released

  • QUESTION: Supposedly am mobilized during a particular batch when i was 30 years and i refuse to obey the clarion's call (Report to camp), then i decide to report to camp the next year of which i will be 31 years, will i be given exemption letter?  i.e not allowed to serve. 

  • Answer: NYSC mobilization is based on the age you graduated from your institution, so your service depends on whether or not you graduated at the age of 30 or below. 

  • QUESTION: How will i know the requirements or list of things am to bring to the NYSC camp? 

  • Answer:  The list of items or things you are to bring to the National Youth Service Corp orientation camp is usually detailed in an Addendum on your NYSC CalI-Up Letter. But before the call up letter you will be updated with camp requirements in various NYSC whatsapp groups so join one and make sure its a genuine group. Our whatsapp group link is above and below this article

  • QUESTION: How will i know when or if its time to revalidate? 
  • Answer: Just as stated previously on this post for remobilization, the link for revalidation is always activated once online registration for any batch kicks off. The revalidation link will be seen on the front/first page of the NYSC registration portal. To know more about revalidation click here.


  1. My statement of result got wet but I taped it back... Will it be accepted in camp

    1. Provided the details on it are clear, YES

    2. I’m a foreign student I have been cleared online but I haven’t done my physical verification yet, I want to know if I can go to Abuja on Monday or I should wait when the registration portal is open

  2. I have issues with the year of birth.. It's keeps say wasc but I use neco.. Would I be affected if yes how do I fix it

    1. Which year of birth is wrong? The one on your dashboard?

  3. When is the call up letter for batch B stream 2 likely to come out thanks

    1. Dear unknown, lets deal with stream 1 first before thinking about stream 2

  4. Pl my name on my school cartificate is differnt form that of bank(bvn) hipe it will not affect my payment process

  5. Please my ND notification of result shows accountancy while my jamb admission letter shows business admin.and my hnd statement of result is accountancy also please hope this won't give me issue at camp?

    1. Personally it will not give you issue but note that you will be serving with the course: Business Administration and it will reflect on your NYSC discharge certificate, as course of study is now being currently included.

  6. Please can I use my ND students copy's transcript for registration in camp?

  7. Good day. My middle name on JAMB is different from my middle name on my BSc certificate and birth certificate, can it pose as a problem during registration in camp?

  8. The date of birth in my dashboard is not the same with the one on my bvn is this a problem

  9. The graduating date in my statement of result is the same as that on my greencard but i made a mistake while filling year of graduation during registration. Hope this won't be a problem?

  10. Please my issue is quit peculiar o, I was mobilised with the batch B stream 1 and I was actually in camp, but during registration on camp my finger print didn't match so I was asked to leave after they said I should write a letter that will be sent to NYSC headquarters so they can drop the biometric and I will register a new one and come back with the stream 2.
    I just want more clarification on how that will be done please.

  11. As a foreign trained graduate I just sat for my neco 2022 due to change of course and my original certificate is not yet out can I use my statement of result till after three months when it’s out and I will present it

  12. My name on statement of result is quit different with the name on my bvn will it effects me in camp registration and even Allawee

  13. I'm 29years 11months can I still go for SERVICE?

  14. I really appreciate your response to almost all the questions­čśŐ..
    I’d like to ask you this particular question pertaining to international students.. I did registered for the Batch C1 2022 but did get the call-up letter in which I did the necessary procedures as an international graduate while everything was ok and my online evaluation was cleared but my physical verification wasn’t cleared after which I did it, so now here’s my question “(1) what am I to do to get myself cleared concerning physical verification?
    (2) will I have to apply for Revalidation or remobilization to get call-up letter “mind u I don’t get ✉️it in the previous call

    1. You will report for physical verfification again for stream 2. But u are not to do anything. Just wait for a new call up letter. Revalidation or remobilization is not needed as you will be automatically revalidated

  15. I have issue with name, on Senate list my name is Birma Sarah john but on my result is sarah John Birma hope it won't be a problem?

    1. Apply for name rearrangement after your NYSC online registration

  16. Does name Arrangement matter in NYSC, eg the names on ND and Neco results are JOHN MIKAEL and on HND result is MIKAEL JOHN. is there any from with this pls in a camp? Good evening.

    1. Compare the name on your HND of result with the NAME on your dashboard or senate list

  17. Please I laminated my bsc certificate and one of my name is also missing but my school gave me an attestation with the correct details for the laminated document, would Nysc accept it ?


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