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9 Signs That You Will Be Successful Later In Life, Even If You Have Not Achieved Anything Yet

  Below are nine indicators that an individual will achieve great success in the future, even if their accomplishments to date are limited.     1. Their determination is unwavering: Persistence is a characteristic commonly linked to individuals who attain success over time.    Certainly, we are familiar with tales of instant success, but in reality, these occurrences are rare rather than common.    The majority of prosperous individuals face challenges and setbacks during their journey. It is their perseverance and determination to persist that ultimately helps them achieve their objectives." When you find someone who is still working towards their goals, despite facing obstacles, it is a positive indication. Even though they may not have achieved success yet, their determination shows they are making progress. Where you are currently located is not the most important factor. The key lies in the journey and the ability to persevere, especially in challenging times. This demonstra

NIMC - How To Correct Name, Date Of Birth & Others On NIN Using Mobile App

  National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has unveiled a mobile application for Nigerians to modify their data on the National Identification Number (NIN) at the comfort of their homes. The commission disclosed on X formerly known as Twitter noted that with this new app, Nigerians can now make adjustments to their name, date of birth, phone numbers on their NIN profile. Before now, Nigerians who wanted to modify their data on NIN had to go through difficult processes in NIMC’s offices nationwide. Now on how to modify your NIN data using the NIMC mobile app, Log on to After that click on register if you don’t have an account or click on login if you already have an account. After login you will be requested to provide your NIN, last name and email address. After providing the above, the data modification channel will be accessible. Did you know you can modify your name, date of birth, mobile number, house address, email address, etc., o