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NYSC Addendum - All You Need To Know About The NYSC Addendum And How To Print It

CALL-UP Letter Delay - Camp Might Not Open Any Time Soon As Expected For 2024 Batch B Stream 1

In this article am going to give you a detailed outline of why we think the NYSC camp might not be opening anytime soon as initially speculated to open on 26th June 2024. At the time of writing this post the call up lettet has not been released. Note that this is a personal and an individual opinion and it is not in anyway from an official announcement or Official Memo from the NYSC management. With that being stated, you can still calm down and be expecting your call up letters but it is good to know these facts so that you are not taken by surprise. Before i go into details also remember that the date 26th June 2024 has never been an official date for orientation camp, it has always been tentative and subject to change and the management had never announced it as official on any of their social media handle at the time of writing this post. Even if you are to check the current NYSC Mobilization Time-table for 2024 Batch B you will find out that there is no date designated for orien

Nationwide Strike & NYSC - Will The Upcoming Strike Affect NYSC 2024 Batch B Mobilization Exercise

Regarding the upcoming nationwide strike by NLC (Nigerian Labour Congress), here is an article on whether the upcoming strike will affect NYSC mobilization of 2024 Batch B prospective corps members (PCMs). This article will clarify so many questions you have in mind.  The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a vital institution in Nigeria that plays a crucial role in the country's development. Recently, there have been concerns about an upcoming strike action by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and its potential impact on the NYSC program. However, it is important to note that the NYSC is an independent organization that is not directly affected by the strike action. The strike is primarily aimed at pressing home the demands of workers in the public sector, and the NYSC is not a part of this category. Moreover, the NYSC program is a mandatory scheme for all Nigerian graduates, and it is not dependent on the presence of workers in the public sector. The program is designed to pr