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When Is NYSC 2022 Batch B Stream 2 Online Registration Date? Click Here To Know


BELOW IS A RECENT UPDATE FROM THE JUST CONCLUDED WEBINAR IN STREAM 1 AS REGARDS TO COVID-19 VACCINATION AND PCMs (Compulsory or Not?) If you have been vaccinated, you will still be tested in camp. Everyone will be screened on arrival to the camp. There will be provision of vaccine for those yet to take their first dose and those who have taken their first dose and are yet to take the second dose can still take it in camp. If you have been vaccinated, you can come with you card to camp as proof, in case of loss of card kindly scan the QRcode and have it saved on your phone or the message sent by NPHCDA. With the above update you can tell that the vaccination is necessary but its left for you whether you will like to be vaccinated outside camp or inside NYSC camp. During the NYSC mobilization process for a particular NYSC Batch or Stream there seems to always be one (1) or two (2) information which PCMs are never certain about. This is because such information has been circulated around


As a result of restriction and Policy we can't post the AKSU Female Student Leaked Video  here but you will be directed to the facebook page where you can watch the complete video with a provided link.  Click Here To See The Link To Watch The Video   Welcome to the section of NYSCBROADCAST where necessary documents, images and videos are available for download for a particular NYSC Batch or Stream. Keep scrolling down to see all available PDFs for download. Sample of NYSC Senate List   2022 BATCH B STREAM 2  DOCUMENTS: DOWNLOAD  NYSC ANTHEM  AUDIO FILE (SONG🎵)   Ambrose Alli University BATCH B STREAM 2  Full Senate List Soft Copy    Download FULL PDF SoftCopy of NYSC Camp Requirements  Download NYSC Online Registration Form Sample   2022 BATCH B STREAM 1 DOCUMENTS: Evangel University Akaeze BATCH B STREAM 1  Full Senate List Soft Copy    UNN BATCH B STREAM 1  Senate List Soft Copy    Auchi Polytechnic BATCH B STREAM 1  Full Senate List Soft Copy     Federal University Dutsin-Ma BA