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Compulsory Immunization Against Meningitis For Prospective Corp Members (PCMs) - NYSC

Don't be deceived, This is a new cunning and dubious way some greedy and selfish NYSC whatsapp admins now use to lure innocent PCMs to patronize them for medical fitness certificate.  If you already have a medical fitness certificate issued by a certified government hospital and it doesn't have the Meningitis vaccination or immunization stated on it do not panic because it's not a problem, your medical fitness will still be accepted in camp.  Don't go and throw away a valid Medical fitness certificate you have gotten any where whether online or in the government hospital with your hard earned money because it doesn't have Meningitis vaccination, then patronize those greedy random whatsapp admins who make posts that the vaccination should compulsorily be on your medical fitness because you want the meningitis vaccination in your medicals, i can assure you it's not as mandatory as they exaggerate.  The immunization against Meningitis notification is a necessity fo