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NIMC - How To Correct Name, Date Of Birth & Others On NIN Using Mobile App


CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE WEBINAR MEETING LIVE ON YOUTUBE WHEN THE TIME COMES   There will be an update by the National Youth Service Corps Management concerning an upcoming online programme known as NYSC Webinar which will be tagged compulsory for all Prospective Corp Members to attend. The upcoming programme (NYSC Webinar) will send confusion to most PCMs as this is definitely the first time they are hearing such Name and lists of questions have been seen flying around on what this Webinar is all about.  In this post we are going to enlighten PCMs on all they need to know about the NYSC Webinar and how to register for it so as to cut off the confusion existing presently amongst PCMs.  WHAT IS NYSC WEBINAR?   The Webinar programme is simply an online programme that has been set up by NYSC management to sensitize PCMs on COVID-19 matters as well as ensure sustenance of the COVID-19 measures across the country.  During registration for this programme, PCMs will see that the Webinar has be

Major Things All PCMs Should Note About 2021 Batch B Stream 2

HERE ARE SOME MAJOR INFORMATION EVERY PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE ONGOING STREAM 2 BATCH B 2021 The information contained in this post have been compiled based on frequently asked questions from PCMs this stream 2.  - The Ongoing NYSC online Fresh Registration is only meant for those whose name is on the Senate list and they haven't registered at all before.  - For those who registered fully during the Batch B stream 1 online registration but did not get call up letter, rather they were told by NYSC to await call up letter during STREAM 2, they are not to do any fresh registration or revalidation, all they need to do is wait for their call up letter when printing of call up letter kicks off ( NO OFFICIAL DATE ANNOUNCED YET FOR CALL UP LETTER PRINTING ).  - For those who registered fully during the Batch B stream 1 online registration and also got call up letter but decided to skip camp, you are supposed to be automatically revalidated by NYSC to get another call