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When Is NYSC 2022 Batch C Online Registration Date? Click Here To Know

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Becareful of This SCαMMER 07064607936 - Click To Know More About Him

  THE NUMBER BELOW: 07064607936 (SC@MMER) HAS BEEN NOTICED ADDING MEMBERS FROM NYSCBROADCAST WHATSAPP GROUP TO A LOCKED SC@M GROUP LABELLED DARK WEB ZONE WHERE HE SC@MS PEOPLE. Please and Please if you have been added to that so called locked group where you will be scammed without being able to expose him in the group because its locked, kindly exit that group immediately to avoid story that touches the heart. We have customized direct whatsapp links below to all his whatsapp accounts so you can click any of the links to access the whatsapp profile of this scammer and check if you were also added to his SCAM GROUP or chatted up. LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3 LINK 4 Kindly feel free to save all his contacts below: 08105131836 07030646520 07042215878 07064607936 Incase you are involuntarily added to the malicious group in future you will be aware We posted this number as sc@m on the front page of our blog in accordance with our group rules and policy involving adding members to unverified WhatsA

Watch Complete Video Of The Akwaibom State University Female Student Currently Trending

  Have you seen the AKSU girl trending video? If no just read to the end to get the full  gist and also watch the video. A student of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) has pleaded and apologized over a spilled tape that went viral recently. As we all know, a video had surfaced on Twitter of two people having a go at each other. The now-popular video created public controversies after the female included was recognized as an undergraduate of the known Akwaibom State University. In another video that surfaced by means of virtual entertainment on Friday, the lady in question while saying 'sorry' said she is going through a great deal as a result of the accidentally broadcasted video. The undergraduate, who said the tape was recorded a very long time in the past, added that she never understood the recording would get back to torment her in the future These were her words "I'm making this video to apologize to my friends, my family, and the Akwa Ibom state colleg

Step By Step NYSC Mobilization Process For 2022 Batch B PCMs

As regards to the upcoming National Youth Service Corps orientation exercise for 2022 Batch B Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), we have laid out a detailed guide for all the processes and stages involved to be fully mobilized for the 1 year service programme which is compulsory for all Nigerian graduates aspiring to serve their Father land. MOBILIZATION STEPS FOR PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBERS This post is for prospective NYSC corps members who are ready to be mobilized for the nation wide National Youth Service Corps Programme. Go through the post carefully. 1. CLEARANCE IN SCHOOL:  NYSC mobilization starts right after graduates have completed their final clearance in their respective institutions. 2. GET YOUR STATEMENT OF RESULTS: After completing your final clearance the next step is to obtain your statement of results. It will be needed for registration in the NYSC orientation camp. 3. SIGN UP FOR NYSC:  While waiting for your statement of results to be ready, you can proceed to registe

All Steps To Take After Camp If You Applied For Relocation In Camp

Hello beloved corpers, most of you in this post might be confused as to what to do or the next action to take after being relocated and you are done with the NYSC camp.  This is to all NYSC Batch A Stream 1 Corp Members, kindly note that all those who put in or applied for in-camp Redeployment either through medical report or connection, on the last day of camp kindly login to your dashboard around 9am to 10am and check for your Relocation approval. If successful, you might be required to pay a compulsory approximately N1000 or N1,200 to NYSC (i.e including remita charges) through remita to print out your relocation letter. Also once your relocation is successful, you are expected to submit the below documents in your newly relocated NYSC state Secretariat. The documents to be submitted in your new state of deployment (Secretariat) include: 1. Original copy of the relocation approval letter. 2. Photocopy of relocation approval letter, write on it Name of bank you open in camp, Acc

Reasons Why You Still See NO RECORD FOUND When You Check The NYSC Senate List - CLICK TO KNOW WHY

Before we go into details its best to understand what the NYSC Senate List is and how the senate list works with respect to the mobilization process of all NYSC Batches and Streams.  If you have been following up with our NYSCBROADCAST updates you should by now know every little thing about the National Youth Service Corps Senate List as it is popularly known as, but for the sake of those who keeps complaining that they keep seeing the "NO RECORD FOUND" notification when they try to check their details on the Senate list portal, i will shed more light on the reasons why. On describing the NYSC Senate list, it is simply a Register either in form of hard copy, soft copy or web copy which contains few major details of a PCM and certifies that such graduate who is a Prospective Corp Member has passed all the vital mobilization stages done before Camp and is now eligible to register online.  Note that the Main NYSC Senate List is different from the Internal Senate List released by

NYSC Accreditation Of Cyber Cafe Operators For Online Registration

The National Youth Service Corps Management (NYSC) has recently announced that there will soon be accreditation of Cyber Cafe operators Nationwide. This accreditation will solely be characterised by eligibility of Cafe operators to carry out NYSC online related activities. In a recent development there has been an announcement for 2022 Batch B PCMs as regards to whether or not they will carry out their upcoming online registration in only cyber cafes that are accredited. See the information below; "In view of the low number of Cybercafe Business Operators (CBOs) so far accredited across the nation since the launch on 10th May, 2022 and in order to avoid stress and difficulties that will be experienced by the Prospective Corps members (PCMs), the 2022 Batch ‘B’ online registration will be open to all Cybercafe operators whether accredited or not. The restriction of registration to only accredited CyberCafe Operators will now commence in full during 2022 Batch ‘C’ online registratio


During the NYSC mobilization process for a particular NYSC Batch or Stream there seems to always be one (1) or two (2) information which PCMs are never certain about. This is because such information has been circulated around and seems to be true but the NYSC management keeps mute about it, possibly because they are still deliberating on it or have no idea about such information being in circulation.  This is the case of 2022 Batch B Stream 2 PCMs as their NYSC mobilization process is in progress even while online registration is ongoing and uploading of their senate list is still on with schools releasing their internal Senate list each day that go by. CLICK HERE to see the list of schools whose senate list is out so far for 2022 Batch B Stream 2.  As regards to whether or not PCMs will not be allowed in the National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp if they are not vaccinated against the Corona Virus, there was an official statement by the DG NYSC during the last concluded Webin


As a result of restriction and Policy we can't post the AKSU Female Student Leaked Video  here but you will be directed to the facebook page where you can watch the complete video with a provided link.  Click Here To See The Link To Watch The Video   Welcome to the section of NYSCBROADCAST where necessary documents, images and videos are available for download for a particular NYSC Batch or Stream. Keep scrolling down to see all available PDFs for download. Sample of NYSC Senate List   2022 BATCH B STREAM 2  DOCUMENTS: DOWNLOAD  NYSC ANTHEM  AUDIO FILE (SONG🎵)   Ambrose Alli University BATCH B STREAM 2  Full Senate List Soft Copy    Download FULL PDF SoftCopy of NYSC Camp Requirements  Download NYSC Online Registration Form Sample   2022 BATCH B STREAM 1 DOCUMENTS: Evangel University Akaeze BATCH B STREAM 1  Full Senate List Soft Copy    UNN BATCH B STREAM 1  Senate List Soft Copy    Auchi Polytechnic BATCH B STREAM 1  Full Senate List Soft Copy     Federal University Dutsin-Ma BA

Female Soldier Proposed To By Her Boy Friend Corper Gets Arrested - SEE VIDEO

READ TO BOTTOM OF POST TO SEE VIDEOS The Nigerian Army has supposedly arrested the female soldier who recently got proposed to in Kwara state NYSC orientation camp for accepting marriage proposal from corps member in public. The Nigerian Army has detained the yet to be identified female soldier who accepted a viral marriage proposal from a male corps member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in a video that recently went viral. The Army confirmed that the female soldier was placed under arrest since the recorded public proposal which took place at the NYSC Orientation Camp, Yikpata, Kwara State. It was witnessed that the romantic event actually took place at the Passing Out Parade (POP) of Batch B, Stream 2 of the 2021 Corp Members on Tuesday. It was also gathered that under the Terms and Conditions of Service in the Army, every recruit must stay single for the first three years of service, meaning that marriage is banned for such category of personnel for reasons best known to

Evidence Surfaces To Claim That The Recently Released Circular Asking PCM To Thumbprint Again Might Be Fake

Download FULL PDF SoftCopy of NYSC Camp Requirements  DOWNLOAD  NYSC ANTHEM  AUDIO FILE (SONG🎵)   The ongoing mobilization of 2021 batch C stream 2 PCMs for their orientation exercise has been one heck of a roller coaster as so many information and update whether true or false have always been surfacing on various NYSC affiliated social media platforms each day that goes by. As regards to this and with respect to a just released circular making the rounds on both facebook and whatsapp groups related to NYSC, there have been claims that the circular is totally fake while some other individuals still believe that the recently released circular is true.  In a recent development as regards to proving authenticity of the circular, we have put up some facts to show that the circular is fake and not from the NYSC management.  Recall that prior to the publishing of this post, in a previous update on the blog we had stated that NYSCBROADCAST is still trying to investigate whether or not this s


  Popular Comedian by name "Cute Abiola" has been declared missing.  The very famous and hilarious Comedian whose real name is Abdulgafar Ahmad and popularly known by his comedy name Cute Abiola has been declared missing by his family.  A WhatsApp message on the matter was shared by his colleague, Mr Macaroni, who called out to the Nigerian Navy, to ease the concerns of the family of Abiola by putting out to the public whether ot not they have him in their custody. Below are some of the statements shared by Mr Macaroni in his social media handle with images: "Ahmed Gafar popular known as The Cute Abiola left his house for office at Navy Town at about 06:00am on the 15th November 2021 and got to the office at about 7:00am or thereafter. While he got to the office, he called his wife and associates that he had gotten to the office. Subsequently, his wife and other associates have made several attempts to contact him but to no avail. Since he last communicated with wife and

NYSC GREEN CARD - All You Need To Know About NYSC Green Card And How To Print The NYSC Greencard

Good day beloved prospective corps members, in this post we are going to enlighten you on all you need to know about the very popular NYSC green card as well as give you detailed explanation and steps on how to print it successfully without issues. WHAT IS THE NYSC GREEN CARD? The NYSC Green Card is actually not a card as the name implies, and it is not green in colour although certain green font colours are used in its design format. The NYSC Green card is simply the coloured print-out slip (in white A4 paper) of a PCM NYSC online registration form which contains all the relevant details a PCM filled during the course of their registration online, gotten from the NYSC website. This slip clarifies that a PCM have successfully completed their NYSC online registration for mobilization of a particular Batch or Stream and have also paid the necessary fees required. All aspiring youth corpers (Prospective Corps Member) are required to print the Green Card after completing their online regis


  - BELOW ARE RECENT CIRCULARS FROM THE DSA OF SOME SCHOOLS FOR THEIR 2022 BATCH B STREAM 2 MOBILIZATION EXERCISE - IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC OFFA PCMs FROM STUDENT AFFAIRS UNIT CONCERNING THEIR 2022 BATCH B STREAM 2 NYSC ORIENTATION EXERCISES (Read Below) To all Fed Poly Offa Students, this is to inform all leftover students (F19, 18,17, etc) Prospective Corps Members for 2022 Batch "B" Stream 2 that the internal Mobilization commence today 28th June, 2022  for uploading and it will close on 5th July, 2022 (A week). In view of the above, kindly come forward and submit all necessary documents (including HND results) if you are willing to be part of 2022 Batch "B" stream 2 for mobilization. Thanks.  Join our Facebook community   Join Our NYSC Official Whatsapp Group   - IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR  ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM STUDENT AFFAIRS UNIT CONCERNING THEIR 2022 BATCH B STREAM 1 NYSC ORIENTATION EXERCISES (Read Below) To all Alex E