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NIMC - How To Correct Name, Date Of Birth & Others On NIN Using Mobile App

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Nationwide Strike & NYSC - Will The Upcoming Strike Affect NYSC 2024 Batch B Mobilization Exercise

Regarding the upcoming nationwide strike by NLC (Nigerian Labour Congress), here is an article on whether the upcoming strike will affect NYSC mobilization of 2024 Batch B prospective corps members (PCMs). This article will clarify so many questions you have in mind.  The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a vital institution in Nigeria that plays a crucial role in the country's development. Recently, there have been concerns about an upcoming strike action by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and its potential impact on the NYSC program. However, it is important to note that the NYSC is an independent organization that is not directly affected by the strike action. The strike is primarily aimed at pressing home the demands of workers in the public sector, and the NYSC is not a part of this category. Moreover, the NYSC program is a mandatory scheme for all Nigerian graduates, and it is not dependent on the presence of workers in the public sector. The program is designed to pr

NYSC Online Registration, Mobilization & Camp Update

There is an update currently circulating with respect to the abrupt closing of portal for 2024 Batch B Stream 1 online registration before deadline date. Without wasting much of your time the update circulating is that the NYSC management had to close the portal due to the large number of Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) already in Batch B stream 1. Remember that so many PCMs were shifted from 2024 Batch A Stream 2 into 2024 Batch B and when combined with these newly registered PCMs the management noticed that the number of PCMs were already way too much. Hence the portal had to be closed so that every single PCM who was shifted previously can serve. More on this unverified information is that even some PCMs who registered recently will likely be shifted to Batch B stream 2 so that all the previously shifted PCMs from Batch A stream 2 can get posted and serve. The information above makes common sense although it is not a good one and it is yet to be verified so kindly stay connected wi

9 Signs That You Will Be Successful Later In Life, Even If You Have Not Achieved Anything Yet

  Below are nine indicators that an individual will achieve great success in the future, even if their accomplishments to date are limited.     1. Their determination is unwavering: Persistence is a characteristic commonly linked to individuals who attain success over time.    Certainly, we are familiar with tales of instant success, but in reality, these occurrences are rare rather than common.    The majority of prosperous individuals face challenges and setbacks during their journey. It is their perseverance and determination to persist that ultimately helps them achieve their objectives." When you find someone who is still working towards their goals, despite facing obstacles, it is a positive indication. Even though they may not have achieved success yet, their determination shows they are making progress. Where you are currently located is not the most important factor. The key lies in the journey and the ability to persevere, especially in challenging times. This demonstra

Compulsory Immunization Against Meningitis For Prospective Corp Members (PCMs) - NYSC

Don't be deceived, This is a new cunning and dubious way some greedy and selfish NYSC whatsapp admins now use to lure innocent PCMs to patronize them for medical fitness certificate.  If you already have a medical fitness certificate issued by a certified government hospital and it doesn't have the Meningitis vaccination or immunization stated on it do not panic because it's not a problem, your medical fitness will still be accepted in camp.  Don't go and throw away a valid Medical fitness certificate you have gotten any where whether online or in the government hospital with your hard earned money because it doesn't have Meningitis vaccination, then patronize those greedy random whatsapp admins who make posts that the vaccination should compulsorily be on your medical fitness because you want the meningitis vaccination in your medicals, i can assure you it's not as mandatory as they exaggerate.  The immunization against Meningitis notification is a necessity fo

NIN & 2024 NYSC Mobilization (Breaking News) - PCMs To Register With National Identification Numbers

Starting from 2024 Mobilization Exercise, all the eligible Prospective Corps Members are expected to register for Mobilization with their National Identification Numbers (NIN). This was part of the deliberations during the meeting of NYSC Management led by the Director General, Brigadier General YD Ahmed with the Management of National Identification Management Commission, led by its Director General, Engr Abisoye Coker-Odusote in Abuja today. The NYSC Director General, Brigadier General YD Ahmed said the collaboration with NIMC on Corps Mobilization would strengthen the online registration process for the Scheme. He added that the NYSC Integrated system that was introduced in 2014 has tremendously assisted the Scheme in its mobilization process, but there is need for improvement. In her remarks during the visit, the Director General of NIMC, Engr. Abisoye Coker-Odusote promised the readiness of the commission for the collaboration between both agencies. She lauded the NYSC mobilizatio

Netnaija Website Not Working or Responding - See Solution And Fix Issues

  So you might been wondering why you are not able to access the netnaija movie download website which is one of the top notch websites for downloading free movies especially in Nigeria.  Well, if you are experiencing this issue then congratulations you have come to the right place because recently the netnaija website is not working or going through at all in some devices and takes forever to load when you are trying to access it. In this article i will explain the situation of things to you then further guide you on how to access the netnaija movie download website. First of all you have to understand that this particular website is a free movie download website and as such it has copyrighted contents or let me say movie contents which movie owners did not give them licence to upload, hence the need for some network providers to limit access to the website.  It has been noticed that network providers like MTN has cut off access to the website, may be because of cert


As the orientation camp is almost over, you’re now free from the early morning hassle, meditation, and strenuous drills. You are on to another phase of the service. This time it’s not about drills but responsibility and the next line of action for your own future. Here are some things you should do after the orientation camp. - Settle down : In your posting letter, it is indicated where your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is and you must have been conveyed by representatives of the different Local Government Areas where you’re posted to the area. The next thing is to settle down.  There are usually four temporary and permanent accommodations provided by religious bodies such as NCCF, NACC, MCAN and the likes. Some local governments also have Corpers Lodge which you can make use of before you proceed to your PPA. For some, these places eventually become their permanent residence for the service year. - Locate your PPA and NYSC Area or Local Office : Don’t carry your bags and travel h

NYSC Age Calculation - How To Caluculate NYSC Age For Service

It is no longer news that you will not be mobilized if you are above 30 years of age while applying for the National Youth Service Corps Programme (NYSC), rather you will be issued NYSC exemption letter/Certificate. With respect to that, it is very important to ascertain whether or not you are too old for NYSC by calculating your age and making sure it's not above 30.  HOW TO CALCULATE THE AGE WITH EXAMPLES Lets assume that Obinna's date of birth is December 5th 1990. Obinna graduated from his school on December 4th 2020, in this case Obinna is good and eligible to go for NYSC at any age he or she wants to, provided he finished school less than 30 years. Obinna graduated December 6th 2020, Obinna will be given exemption letter due to the fact that his above 30 years of age by a day (30 years + 1 day). Note that the date of graduation from your institution is when the final result was approved by your school governing body which is the school senate body. That particular date of

Domicile Letter For Married Female PCMs - What is NYSC domicile letter & How to get domicile letter for NYSC

There is always private messages on what a domicile letter means and how to get it for NYSC online or camp registration for married Female PCMs. WHAT IS DOMICILE LETTER? It is just a document that states where your husband resides (residential address), his local government area, and state. It is a very important document for married women who are PCMs to be posted to their chosen states. HOW TO GET A DOMICILE LETTER This document can be obtained from the Local Government Area where your husband resides, that is to say the LGA of your husband's residential address.  This helps to convince NYSC management that you and yoir husband base in a particular State for concessional deployment or automatic relocation on Marital grounds. Go to the Local Government Area, tell them you need a domicile letter for NYSC.  This would be provided in less than 48 hours. It is actually meant to be free but you know your country, N1000 to N3000 might be demanded depending on the local government ar

NYSC Camp Requirements - Complete List of Documents & Other Items Required For NYSC Camp

If you are a Nigerian graduate preparing to serve your father land in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Program, here are the registration requirements for NYSC orientation camp participation.  Here we will list out the NYSC orientation camp requirements which includes basic items needed for the NYSC 3 weeks camp as well as documents needed for a successful camp registration because the worst thing that can happen to you is to arrive at the NYSC Orientation camp and realise that your documents are not complete. Therefore, we urge every prospective corps member to carefully read this post to understand what is required from them. Apart from the documents which are all compulsory, kindly note that you must not carry everything, just pick the important ones you need.  In essence, things listed under documents category are very compulsory so with none of them, you will not be registered at the NYSC camp. And the items listed after documents are just essential category, that is to sa

BREAKING NEWS: Buhari Sacks NYSC DG (Director General)

The sudden dismissal of the NYSC DG Brigadier/General Muhammad Kukah Fadah from his position as the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps Programme (NYSC) on 17th November 2022 as learned by theGazetteNGR was approved by President Muhammadu Buhari barely less than six months after the DG assumed the office position. Meanwhile, the reasons behind the sudden and shocking dismissal of the NYSC DG has not yet been made public. However, reliable sources in the Villa told PRNigeria that the removal of the NYSC Director General is likely based on the fact that Fadah had demonstrated “glaring incompetence” during the six months that he was in charge of the organisation. When contacted, the NYSC spokesman, Eddy Megwa, asked our correspondent to wait for an official statement that would be issued on Friday. Also, reports according to PRNigeria which is our source said that the outgoing NYSC Director General has been ordered to hand over control of the corps to the most senior c

Will There Be Stream 2 For 2024 Batch A? CLICK HERE TO KNOW

As a result of so many factors that affected the quick mobilization process of the National Youth Service Corps Programme for 2024 Batch B Stream 1 Prospective Corps Members, a particular question on whether or not there will be a stream 2 for 2024 Batch B has began to sprout with no viable answer yet as regards to it.  Speculations on whether there will be stream 2 for the upcoming 2024 Batch B PCMs is as a result of certain factors that usually affect mobilization processes like that of 2023 Batch A which included the general and gubernatorial elections that led to PCMs not going to camp the usual month they were supposed to report as in previous Batches. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: In the previous NYSC Batches before this 2024 Batch B, there has always been a Stream 2 whether or not PCMs who register for the NYSC programme are less than the anticipated number required.  This is because mobilization by schools is a continuous process and will always continue even after the registration po

Major Reasons Why PCMs Still Can't Register After NYSC Registration Portal Opened

Its always a tough time for Prospective Corps Members (PCM) each time the NYSC online registration portal opens for eligible candidates who are aspiring for the National Youth Service Corps Programme (NYSC) to register. The case of 2022 Batch C Stream 2 is no different as most (if not all) of them are still facing difficulties while trying to register online as the portal just opened today 18th November 2022. As we are all aware by now that the first basic reason why a PCM will still not be able to register for the NYSC programme is as a result of his or her name not on the NYSC senate list or having a red notification error even while on the NYSC senate list which will need fixing. Now this brings us to the reason why most 2022 Batch C PCMs cannot register up till now. Here is an information below from a social media comment by NYSC as to why most PCMs still can't carry on with their online registration process:  "Most of the Institutions have uploaded, but have not submit

APPLY NOW: INEC Begins Recruitment Of Ad-Hoc Staff For 2023 General Election

INEC (The Independent National Electoral Commision) has finally unveiled a portal for the recruitment of ad hoc staff for the 2023 General elections. Ad hoc staffs are supervisory presiding officers, presiding officers, assistant presiding officers, registration area technicians, and registration area centre managers. In a letter to all resident electoral commissioners (RECs) signed by A.T. Yusuf, INEC acting secretary, the commission said the online portal for applications will open on September 14 at 8am and close on December 14 at 8pm. INEC has approved the use of INECPRES and its reactivation for interested applicants who wish to serve as ad-hoc staff for the 2023 general elections,” the letter reads. Elaborating on the above, INEC has directed that all interested applicants with the exception of collation/returning officers must register on the INECPRES to be eligible for selection and deployment as ad-hoc staff in the 2023 general elections. To achieve the required number of