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NYSC Addendum - All You Need To Know About The NYSC Addendum And How To Print It

NYSC Addendum - All You Need To Know About The NYSC Addendum And How To Print It

What is NYSC Addendum and how do i print the NYSC Addendum? These are possible questions most prospective corps members for the NYSC programme ask immediately after their online registration. Before i proceed to tell you what the addendum for NYSC is, it will be good to first know what the document "Addendum" stands for in general terms. An addendum is a Latin word that means "something to be added." In various contexts, an addendum refers to additional information, provisions, or terms that are appended to a document, contract, or agreement. In legal documents, an addendum is a supplementary section that contains extra details or stipulations that were not included in the original contract. This can include amendments, clarifications, or additional terms that the parties involved have agreed upon. Addendums are commonly used in real estate transactions, business contracts, and legal agreements. They provide a way to modify or expand the original terms without rewri

N70,000 Alawee Very Soon - As President Tinubu approves a N70,000 minimum wage for Nigerian workers

N70,000 monthly allowance might be the new pay for upcoming corpers in the National youth service corps programme as President Tinubu just gave his approval for a new minimum wage of N70,000 for Nigerian workers. Although it hasn't been announced to corpers but it's a welcome development as we all know that corpers are always paid the minimum wage. Tinubu approved it with a commitment to review the national minimum wage law every three years. This development was confirmed by Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to the President on Information and Strategy, in a statement released on Thursday. According to the statement, President Tinubu made the announcement during a meeting with the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. The meeting was attended by NLC President Joe Ajaero, TUC President Festus Osifo, and relevant federal ministers. The President also promised to review the four-month salary arrears of u

N200,000 To Be Paid To Corpers Serving In Niger State By The Governor

The Governor of Niger State Mohammed Umar Bago has made a promising announcement aimed at enticing National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members to stay and be comfortable in the state during and after their service year. During a recent visit to the NYSC orientation camp in Paiko, the Governor revealed plans to pay each corps member a sum of N200,000. This initiative is part of the state government's efforts to make Niger State a comfortable and attractive place for young graduates to settle and contribute to its development. The Governor acknowledged the challenges faced by corps members in the state, including difficulties in settling down and finding employment opportunities. He expressed his belief that the N200,000 payment would serve as a motivation for corps members to consider staying in Niger State and exploring opportunities available. The Governor also highlighted the state government's commitment to creating an enabling environment for young people to thrive. He m