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Will There Be Stream 2 For 2023 Batch A? CLICK HERE TO KNOW

When Is NYSC 2023 Batch A Stream 2 Online Registration & Camp Date? Click Here To Know


Here is everything you have to know about 2023 Batch A Stream 2 Online Registration & Camp Date.

It is very much understanding to see that the upcoming prospective corp members who are to partake in the 2023 Batch A Stream 2 National Youth Service Corp Programme are already very inquisitive to know about their own mobilization exercise. 

Of all the questions here and there from these set of Prospective Corpers, one major answer they crave for is to know the particular date when their online registration will commence. 

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post, for the past weeks the NYSC management has not officially put out any official information to the general public whether in form of circular or social media post as regards to a date the portal will be opened for the 2023 Batch A Stream 2 online registration. Although recently there is a rumour that stream 2 camp date will fall on June 2023 due to election but this particular news is unverified and as such, we have refused to broadcast it as an update on out various social media platforms.

What is currently ongoing is schools releasing their Internal Academic board approved Senate list which will later be sent to NYSC for upload. You can CLICK HERE to see the Academic Board Approved Senate List that has been released so far by institutions. Have it in mind that the NYSC Senate list upload is a vital process that usually comes to light before the online registration. 

All PCMs should also take note and be very much aware that a tentative or official date for 2023 Batch A Stream 2 orientation camp will be announced soon but can still be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. 

If a circular containing an update for 2023 Batch A Stream 2 is released, NYSCBROADCAST will be quick enough to share the information contained to all aspiring corp members following us just as we shared that of Stream 1, because they rarely post most circulars on their social media platforms. Most circulars are snapped direct from their offices and circulated and we always get information or update very quick from our contacts in NYSC offices.

It can also be noticed that the management has updated their Senate list portal with inclusion of 2023 Batch A but only stream 1 can check their name on senate list and see their records. See image proof below:


We do hope that there will be a major update as regards to Batch A Stream 2 2023 online registration soon.

In conclusion, no official date yet for online registration for 2023 Batch A Stream 2 PCMs, only a rumoured date which is June 2023 due to election but i doubt that. 

Any date you are currently seeing are rumored dates. Kindly stay connected with NYSCBROADCAST to stay updated and get fast information by joining any of our social media platforms.





  1. I was use my weac to correction date of birth in batch b stream 2 nysc send me message in email to approval status date of birth but my dashboard not change from exemption letter to call of letter of now what I will do now

  2. Please how do I get WAEC VERIFICATION PIN I need to effect DOB correction on my DASHBOARD too

    1. How Do I get this verification pin to

  3. Is it true that batch C stream 2 is under probability?

  4. I want to know if my school has submitted Senate list to the jamb ( School of health information management LUTH)

  5. Do I still need to check the matriculation list for exemption letter

  6. What about foreign students? How do we go about the whole NYSC process


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