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Reasons Why You Still See NO RECORD FOUND When You Check The NYSC Senate List - CLICK TO KNOW WHY

When Is NYSC 2022 Batch B Online Registration Date? Click Here To Know


Here is everything you have to know about 2022 Batch B Online Registration Date.

With the just concluded Passing Out Parade (POP) of 2021 Batch A stream 2 corp members, its very much understanding to see that the upcoming prospective corp members who are to partake in the 2022 Batch B National Youth Service Corp Programme are already very inquisitive to know about their own mobilization exercise. 

Of all the questions here and there from these set of Prospective Corpers, one major answer they crave for is to know the particular date when their online registration will commence. 

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post (02/05/2022), for the past weeks the NYSC management has not put out any information to the general public whether in form of circular or social media post as regards to the a date the portal will be opened for the 2022 Batch B online registration.

In fact the current status of 2022 Batch B orientation exercise remains pending because nothing has even been talked about Senate List except the fact that just few schools have released their Internal Academic board approved Senate list which will later be sent to NYSC for upload when time comes. You can CLICK HERE to see more details about the Academic Board Approved Senate List that have been released. Have it in mind that the NYSC Senate list upload is a vital process that usually comes to light before the online registration. 

Still sheding more light with respect to the date for online registration for these set of PCMs, the only rumoured date on ground that the online registration will probably commence is 16th May 2022. All PCMs should please take note and be very much aware that this date is in no way close to being official as the management has never announced such date on any of their official platforms i.e; Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.  

The date has been seen circulating recently on various NYSC related social media platforms and is clearly a date presumed based on previous NYSC Batches in past years. 

Well, there is still no harm done with PCMs sticking with this date prior to when an official one is announced but in my humble opinion i do not think the date will stand as there is no news yet about 2022 batch B Senate list upload which should be one of the first focus for PCMs during their mobilization exercise.

Also you can recall that Remobilization is still ongoing at the time of writing this post and Remobilization portal is to close on 6th May 2022 if there is no extension of date (there have been times in previous batches when remobilization closing date is extended).

We do hope that once Remobilization into 2022 Batch B orientation exercise is concluded there will be a major update as regards to Senate list upload as well as online registration.

More so, there have been remours about the delay in updates being channelled to the ongoing strikes and i can assure you this is not the case. Because judging from previous NYSC batches, Strikes from some educational bodies doesn't stop or prevent eligible students from serving. 

In conclusion, the presumed date for online registration of 2022 Batch B is 16/06/2022 (Unofficial). Kindly stay connected with NYSCBROADCAST to stay updated and get fast information by joining any of our social media platforms.





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