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The Story Behind The Female Corper Who Got Decamped For Striking A Male Corp Member

It is no new information that sometimes anger can get the best of us and thus making us take extreme actions which definitely leads to regrets in the nearest future. This is the case of a female National Youth Service Corp Member who laid hands on a fellow colleague and resulted to her expulsion from the NYSC orientation camp.  It is indeed surprising to many that the news started to trend recently on various social media platform especially whatsapp groups yet most people still don't know that this event happened a very long time ago. Yes the sad event took place in the year 2014 at Issele-Uku NYSC camp, Delta State.  Although until this moment there haven't been any verified reason as to why the NYSC female corp member hit the male corper but from various sources it was concluded that she was commanded by the Male corp member to fall back in line on the parade ground which she didn't take likely and hence struck the guy with a slap out of anger. Although this being the re

NYSC Call Up Letter 2021 - All You Need To Know About The NYSC Call Up Letter And How To Print It

For Fast Login To Your NYSC Dashboard , CLICK HERE Now that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online registration for both locally and foreign trained graduates of 2021 Batch A Stream 2 has finally come to a an end after an initial extension of the portal closing date from 23rd to 25th April, Prospective Corp Members (PCM) have began to enquire about the date in which their call up letter will be released by the NYSC management on their various dashboard for printing.  As you are all aware on our previous post (for those who are following up) we gave out some tips on How To Know The Date For Printing Of 2021 Batch A Stream 2 Call Up Letter but up till this moment there is still no official date that has been released by the NYSC body as regards to such. Although there has been a recent update which clearly states that PCMs will be updated soon enough about their call up letter printing date.  Prior to the date being announced, it is prerequisite and of utmost importance for Aspi

NYSC Orientation Camp Date For 2021 Batch A Stream 2 Finally Revealed - See Also How To Know The Date For Printing Of Call Up Letter

There is no better exciting news to PCMs than knowing the dates of important NYSC activities especially dates for NYSC online registration, dates for printing of call up letter and dates for opening of NYSC orientation camp.  Sequel to the just concluded online registration for 2021 Batch A Stream 2 which ended 23rd April 2021 as stated earlier on the NYSC portal, the National Youth Service Corp management has given an official date for Stream 2 orientation camp/exercise.  This date is now officially posted by NYSC on their social media handles  The orientation camp exercise for the present aspiring corp members who just finished their registration successfully is scheduled to kick off from 18th May 2021 to 7th June 2021. There was no date stated for the closure of the orientation exercise before but it has been stated now, NYSC orientation exercise is usually 3 weeks.  NYSC also confirmed the date to be true before now on a comment by a PCM posted on their social media handle. The pro

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  CLICK TO JOIN NYSC WHATSAPP GROUP   OUR ROUP RULES : 1. Make sure you are a Prospective Corp Member (PCM) before joining our NYSC whatsapp group. The group is created solely for PCMs so as to disperse relevant informations on their upcoming NYSC orientation exercise.  2. NYSCBROADCAST whatsapp group for the National Youth Service Corps Programme is created mainly for information purposes, in other words, advertisements of any kind is not allowed in the group, anyone who advertises will be immediately removed without prior warning.  3. Do not spam the group with irrelevant messages, links or stickers as this will lead to immediate removal.  4. Make sure to read the whatsapp group rules located in the group description area ones you join.  5. Use of irrelevant whatsapp stickers is highly prohibited.  6. No use of strong languages or statements to fellow Prospective corp members, that is to say no insults are allowed in the group.  7. The group can be locked anytime with prior notice to

NYSC Online Registration Date For 2021 Batch A Stream 2 Finally Revealed

Congratulations to all 2021 Batch A Stream 2 Prospective Corp Members, the NYSC management has finally revealed the long awaited date for the forthcoming 2021 Batch A Stream 2 online registration, the date scheduled for this by NYSC is Monday 19th April, 2021. Note that no mobilization time-table has been released yet but for those of us who have no idea of what the mobilization time table is i will explain and for those who already know what it is you can kindly skip the explanation and see proof of the recently released date for NYSC 2021 BATCH A STREAM 2 online registration in the image below.  Now, the NYSC mobilization time table is a very well arranged schedule which shows all the relevant dates and activities that will be carried out in the Orientation course of a particular NYSC batch or stream. The mobilization time table usually carries the below features; - Online registration Date. - Date for uploading of Senate list. - Date for NYSC workshops. - Date for NYSC camp registra

NYSC To Open Portal For 2021 Batch A Stream 2 Upload

The NYSC management has presently released a circular directed to respective institutions which gives green light for the upcoming 2021 batch A stream 2 orientation exercise. The circular which was recently released on 8th April 2021 clearly states the date in which portal will be opened for more Prospective Corp Members data to be uploaded to the portal as regards to the upcoming stream 2 orientation exercise which has been on anticipation for quite a long time.  The date stated on the circular is 12th April 2021 and below is the detailed information stated on this recently released circular: "I AM DIRECTED TO INFORM YOU THAT THE NYSC PORTAL WILL BE OPENED BY MONDAY 12th APRIL 2021 FOR FURTHER UPLOAD IN PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT ORIENTATION COURSE. YOU ARE BY THIS NOTICE ADVICED TO UPLOAD ALL OUTSTANDING PCM's DATA WHOSE NAME APPEAR ON ERROR LIST AND THOSE WHOSE RESULTS HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY THE SENATE/ACADEMIC BOARD OF YOUR INSTITUTION".  - PLEASE NOTE THAT PRINTING AND