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Reasons Why You Still See NO RECORD FOUND When You Check The NYSC Senate List - CLICK TO KNOW WHY

Will There Be Stream 2 For 2024 Batch A? CLICK HERE TO KNOW

As a result of so many factors that affected the quick mobilization process of the National Youth Service Corps Programme for 2024 Batch A Prospective Corps Members, a particular question on whether or not there will be a stream 2 for 2024 Batch A has began to sprout with no viable answer yet as regards to it. 

Speculations on whether there will be stream 2 for the upcoming 2024 Batch A PCMs is as a result of certain factors that usually affect mobilization processes like during 2023 Batch A which included the general and gubernatorial elections that led to PCMs not going to camp the usual month they were supposed to report as in previous Batches.


In the previous NYSC Batches before this 2023 Batch C, there has always been a Stream 2 whether or not PCMs who register for the NYSC programme are less than the anticipated number required. 

This is because mobilization by schools is a continuous process and will always continue even after the registration portal for any Batch is closed, hence the reopening of portal for a stream 2 which is meant for those who weren't mobilized on time when the portal for online registration was previously opened.

Also judging from the Corona virus period, the NYSC management didn't see any difficulty in mobilizing very small number of PCMs in each orientation camp accross the federation so why will this Batch A 2024 be any different if they mobilize limited number of prospective corps members in the NYSC camp. 

The NYSC management has officially issued out a statement in form of a circular as regards to Whether there will be a stream 2 for this 2024 Batch A or not. You can see the 2024 Batch A Stream 1 & 2 time-table

In conclusion, the chances of having a stream 2 this 2023 Batch C is far greater and now certain than the chances of not having. But whatever the case may be, even if there is finally stream 2 or not, it doesn't affect your mobilization, that is to say if there is no stream 2 then those PCMs who are supposed to be mobilized into Stream 2 will become Batch A 2024.

In view of the above, kindly stay connected with NYSCBROADCAST and we will keep updating you if there is any new development.


  1. I have a question what of someone that was cleared physical verification successful but online evaluation not cleared yet how should he go about it please

  2. Why is osun state college of technology not uploading their Senate list...

  3. how long does take to get exemption certificate

  4. University of Nigeria is not there...

  5. Please why did Delta state polytechnic oghara not part of the schools that uploaded Senate list

  6. When are they going to print senate list

  7. Good day to you all. I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the D.G of NYSC and his staffs and At the same time I'm pleading on be half of my colleagues most especially those that are having with NIMC should be considered and extend the registration to one week. I hope my request will be put in to consideration and be granted


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