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Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye PCMs To Take Note:

Internal memo for 2023 batch ‘c’ briefing of final year students on NYSC mobilization matters

I am pleased to inform you that the NYSC Director-General has approved the 2023 Batch ‘C’ briefing of final year students on NYSC mobilization matters. In view of the above, kindly sensitize all final year students in your College/Faculty to attend this very important meeting with the NYSC officials from the National Directorate Headquarter (NDHQ) and state Secretariat as follows; 

Date: Friday, 10th November 2023, 

Venue: OGD Hail Time: 11.00am prompt,

Thank you.

To All Ekiti State University Students Ado - Ekiti

Notice Of Executive Approval And NYSC Internal Mobilization (posted 06/11/2023)

Dear comrades in struggle, please be informed that all SEPTEMBER 19TH AND 26TH BCOS results have been granted an executive approval by the Hon. Vice Chancellor of Ekiti State University on 2nd November 2023. We congratulate all graduates in this category and we wish them well in their endeavors.

While accepting our congratulations, our new graduates are to proceed to Students’ Affairs Division to obtain internal mobilization form. Their date of graduation is 02-11-2023.

Abia State Polytechnic Prospective Corps Members Take Note Of The Below Important Announcement

This is to inform all "PCMs" of Abia State Polytechnic who are yet to do NYSC manual registration for 2023 Batch C Stream 2 that NYSC manual registration ends on 10th of november.

General requirements include;


Extra requirements for married women;

  • Newspaper Change of NameP
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
  • Domicile Letter

Important Announcement From University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) To Their Students For 2023 Batch C Stream 1 Mobilization Exercise

The National Youth Service Corps is in the Process of Mobilizing Prospective Corps Members for its Batch C exercise. Towards this end the University of Nigeria will soon upload its outstanding graduands to the NYSC Portal.

All outstanding candidates who have issues with the JAMB Registration numbers and were unable to register during the previous batches are required to forward their details attaching their Statement of Result and Jamb Admission Letter to Careers & Students Services Unit, Office of the Registrar or the email address stated below. Those that have done this before should cross check the attaqched list for errors in the names, Date of Graduation and other Particulars.

Please Note that if there is any discrepancy in your details after upload to NYSC portal and that on your Statement of Result either Names or Date of Graudation, You will not be allowed to register in NYSC Orientation Camp. You are specifically advised to cross-check your particulars very well. All errors, omission or otherwise must be reported to Careers & Students Serice Unit for immediate correction before the list is finally  uploaded to the NYSC Portal.

All errors may also be sent to the email: for attention of the Deputy Registar no later than Friday October 6th 2023.

Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic (AKWAPOLY) NYSC Candidates Should Take Note Of The Below Information From A Concerned Comrade

On Tuesday the Entry list (also referred to as Senate list) for Batch C was released and several complaints came up. Permit me to say a bit which I hope will bring calm to the mind of many who have been affected.

1. Due to numerous complaints, the Dean, Students Affairs', Mr. Emmanuel Umoh has interceded on behalf of the affected students and asked a SUPPLEMENTARY LIST be released.

2. Accordingly, all PCMs that mobilized either at the department or at the NYSC Unit and DID NOT see their names on the list, are asked to remain calm and patient. Hopefully Thursday Or Friday, goodnews is coming.

3. Students from Office Technology and Management, your issue has been successfully resolved too and the needful will be done.
4. For those whose names are on the list, please ensure that you carefully verify the below information correctly;

  • Date of Graduation (let it correspond with statement of results)
  • Names
  • Department
  • JAMB Registration Number (If it's 12 digit, it's automatically part time and that is exclusion from NYSC)
5. Should there be any incorrect data, please kindly contact Student Affairs.

6. It is very important that Your Date of graduation on your statement of results correspond with what is on the list. If it doesn't correspond, please go to Academic Affairs and make the necessary changes. Your statement of results must carry Day, Month and Year. I have attached a sample/guide to this post for you to see below;

7. If you had laminated your Statement of results, please go to Academic Affairs and make the necessary switch immediately else you won't be registered in camp. Comrade Edidiong Williams, posted on 04/10/2023.

This Is To Bring Into The Notice Of NYSC 2023 BATCH C STREAM 1 Yobe State University Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) As Follows:

That the Batch “C’ Stream 1 2023 pre-mobilization list is pasted at the Deanery of Students Affairs. That the PCM's are advised to utilize this chance and verify/confirm their information which will be uploaded in no distant time. While verifying your information, you are specifically charged to prioritize the followings; Date of Graduation/Date of Result, Jamb Number, Matric/Registration Number, Name(s) spelling.

That PCM’'s who are yet to submit/fill the mobilization form have the grace of between (Thursday 28th to Monday 2nd) October 2023 to do so for them to be enrolled as part of Batch ‘C’ Stream 1 2023 mobilization exercise. That any complaint arising from the above notice, should be directed to the S.A.O (Student Affairs Officer) at the Deanery within the stipulated date in paragraph four

Signed:- Management. See the Official Memo below:


  1. Does it mean we are in the first stream since we answered the survey question

    1. did your answered the survey?

    2. Distribution of streams is done randomly by NYSC not by who first answered the survey question

  2. Good morning, please those in stream ii are they going to fill the covid-19 self test before the print their call up letter, or till call up letter is available?
    Thank you

    1. The COVID-19 test result form is always available for printing after call up letter shows

  3. I'm in stream ii and i already filled mine with stream i PCM since they permit us to access the link. I hope this will not affect me in Camp.

  4. Please when will kogi state polytechnics upload there senate list?

  5. Please when will federal polytechnic oko will upload there Senate list

  6. Please when would Temple gate poly going to upload their list still waiting please. Thank u

  7. Hello is there any problem regarded to my nysc camp
    if I'm not print my jamb result when school upload my name in the Senate list

  8. Please has Benue start university made any official statement concerning mobilization?

  9. Please when will chukwuemeka odumegu ojukwu university Senate list be posted ?

  10. Please who has head anything about Alex ekweme federal University ndufu alike ikwo ebonyi state

  11. Pls how about University of maiduguri Senate list?

  12. Pls is Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University lapai Niger state has submitted it list.

  13. Please when will unical upload their senate list?

  14. how about federal university Dutse?


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