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When Is NYSC 2023 Batch A Stream 2 Online Registration & Camp Date? Click Here To Know

Reasons Why You Still See NO RECORD FOUND When You Check The NYSC Senate List - CLICK TO KNOW WHY

Before we go into details its best to understand what the NYSC Senate List is and how the senate list works with respect to the mobilization process of all NYSC Batches and Streams. 

If you have been following up with our NYSCBROADCAST updates you should by now know every little thing about the National Youth Service Corps Senate List as it is popularly known as, but for the sake of those who keeps complaining that they keep seeing the "NO RECORD FOUND" notification when they try to check their details on the Senate list portal, i will shed more light on the reasons why.

On describing the NYSC Senate list, it is simply a Register either in form of hard copy, soft copy or web copy which contains few major details of a PCM and certifies that such graduate who is a Prospective Corp Member has passed all the vital mobilization stages done before Camp and is now eligible to register online. 

Note that the Main NYSC Senate List is different from the Internal Senate List released by institutions which is considered as an Academic/Board Approved Senate list so to know more about the disparity in both lists i just mentioned, you can CLICK HERE to see a detailed information about the Senate Lists and other NYSC related lists we have.

Now to the matter which brought you to this post as to why you are still seeing "NO RECORD FOUND" when you check the Senate List. There are notable reasons which causes such notification: 

  • 1. The first reason why you will get a "NO RECORD FOUND" notification when you check the Senate list portal is that NYSC has not opened their Senate list Portal for schools to upload names, of which NYSC has opened the 2023 Batch A Senste List portal for schools to upload but most students still can't see their details which now brings us to the second reason. 

  • 2. Even if Senate list portal has been opened by NYSC for Uploading, there is no way you will check and see your record on the NYSC Senate List Portal when no school has uploaded their list to the portal talk more of submitting hard copies of the school list to NYSC headquarters in Abuja for it to reflect on the Senate list portal. Now this is the case of "2023 Batch A PCMs" as most of them still can't be able to see any of their record yet when they check the senate list portal because like i said earlier, names haven't been uploaded yet and hardcopy senate list has not been submitted. Students can contact their SAO (Student Affairs Officer) to know about their senate list progress.

The only set of PCMs who will be able to see their names at the moment if no school has uploaded are those from previous NYSC batches whose records were already on the Senate list portal since but they did not register online to go for Camp. 

  • 3. Another reason you might be getting a "NO RECORD FOUND" notification even after stages (1) and (2) is completed is because you applied for JAMB Regularization and your regularization process is still ongoing hence, your details are not recognized in the JAMB matriculation list and cannot also reflect on the senate list. 

Although in most cases when PCMs start seeing their name on the NYSC Senate list portal and your JAMB Regularization is still ongoing, you will likely see your name aswell but will get a Negative notification like (You Have Not Been Matriculated Please Contact Your Institution)

Now that you have known the major reasons for the "NO RECORD FOUND" notification i hope you can now be calm and patient until when schools begin to upload and hardcopies are being submitted. 

As regards to this, kindly keep in touch with NYSCBROADCAST to stay updated.

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  1. Thank you very much

  2. Thank u for this info

  3. When I register for jamb then, I use different local government, different from the one I use for jamb regularization, but the state of orgin is thesame (Oyo State)m generally can such affect my name from Senate list. Plz answer

  4. When would eksu upload their list

  5. Thank you for taken your time to enlightening students about this.
    Obviously, most of the intended corpers are really panicking due to their inability of seen their names in the senate list. But I think having glanced through this piece, they will be more relived 😅.

    Good luck graduate 🤝

  6. DOB on my NECO CERTIFICATE is different from the one on my JAMB DETAILS. How can i go about it please?


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