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NYSC Addendum - All You Need To Know About The NYSC Addendum And How To Print It

NYSC Age Calculation - How To Caluculate NYSC Age For Service

It is no longer news that you will not be mobilized if you are above 30 years of age while applying for the National Youth Service Corps Programme (NYSC), rather you will be issued NYSC exemption letter/Certificate. With respect to that, it is very important to ascertain whether or not you are too old for NYSC by calculating your age and making sure it's not above 30. 


Lets assume that Obinna's date of birth is December 5th 1990.

  • Obinna graduated from his school on December 4th 2020, in this case Obinna is good and eligible to go for NYSC at any age he or she wants to, provided he finished school less than 30 years.

  • Obinna graduated December 6th 2020, Obinna will be given exemption letter due to the fact that his above 30 years of age by a day (30 years + 1 day).

Note that the date of graduation from your institution is when the final result was approved by your school governing body which is the school senate body. That particular date of graduation is normally found on your Statement of Result. The date of graduation of a PCM is also seen when they check for their details in the Nysc Senate List Portal.

As regards to which Date of Birth NYSC uses, NYSC decides which date of birth to use, it can be the one school sends them or they extract from your JAMB, but more often NYSC uses your JAMB date of birth for mobilization. 

Now how will you know which date of birth NYSC have decided to use, you can only ascertain which date of birth NYSC will use during and after your online registration because that's the only time you will see the date of birth being used by NYSC, so try to make sure the date of birth being used by your school and JAMB is below 30 years.

If the date of birth used by NYSC is wrong then warrants your age to be above 30 years and you have WAEC result that the age is below 30 YEARS, don't panic you will use the WAEC for the correction of your date of birth after NYSC online registration. CLICK HERE to see detailed guide on Date of Birth correction. Remember the age of the WAEC result you are using must be below 30 years.

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  1. adielinus93@gmail.comJanuary 10, 2023 at 4:43 AM

    Good day Admin. Please concerning this Age of a thing. I wish to ask in my case.
    My date of birth I used in my WEAC and JAMB is my real date of birth which is 18/01/1993. I graduated and my result was approved 19th January 2022. Have been mobilized for batch C2 but my school didn't upload names on the NYSC portal. And now this January portal for registration is yet to be open. In 8days time I will be 30 years. So in this case what is my fate?
    I need urgent answer on this.

  2. You are eligible for service..

  3. Concerning age issue in my WEAC age is 1993 but jamb is 1989 am i free to go for services

  4. Actually the date on my jamb is 1992 but on my waec is 1990 and on my degree result's graduation is 2022, am I eligible for NYSC?

  5. Thank you for this clarification.

    Pls your assistance is needed on about mine.
    My results was approved on 5th December, 2023 from my statement of result.
    I am yet to be mobilized next week for Batch B in my school which no one knows when yet. I will be 30 on 2nd of may.
    Pls am I qualified for NYSC if proberly batch B begins registration after I am 30 on 2nd of May this year?

    1. Yes. Your statement of result was released before your 30th birthday

  6. I want to be sure on the Age range for Nysc. I'm a student of Auchi poly Edo state, I just clocked 30 this January 2024 and I will also be graduating this year August 2024.

    1. Pls im using 1993 /27/07 can I go for NYSc because my school mobalised us June 2024

  7. I want to be sure on the Age range for Nysc. I'm a student of Auchi poly Edo state, I just clocked 30 this January 2024 and willa be graduating this year August 2024. Is it possible for me to still serve?

  8. Date of birth 25th December 1994
    Graduation Date 8th January 2024
    The Graduate can go for NYSC?

  9. So in other words the session one graduated is irrelevant. Say I graduated with 2021/2022 session but result was approved 2024 and my dob is 1993...I won't be eligible for service?


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