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When Is NYSC 2022 Batch C Online Registration Date? Click Here To Know

Becareful of This SCαMMER 07064607936 - Click To Know More About Him

  THE NUMBER BELOW: 07064607936 (SC@MMER) HAS BEEN NOTICED ADDING MEMBERS FROM NYSCBROADCAST WHATSAPP GROUP TO A LOCKED SC@M GROUP LABELLED DARK WEB ZONE WHERE HE SC@MS PEOPLE. Please and Please if you have been added to that so called locked group where you will be scammed without being able to expose him in the group because its locked, kindly exit that group immediately to avoid story that touches the heart. We have customized direct whatsapp links below to all his whatsapp accounts so you can click any of the links to access the whatsapp profile of this scammer and check if you were also added to his SCAM GROUP or chatted up. LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3 LINK 4 Kindly feel free to save all his contacts below: 08105131836 07030646520 07042215878 07064607936 Incase you are involuntarily added to the malicious group in future you will be aware We posted this number as sc@m on the front page of our blog in accordance with our group rules and policy involving adding members to unverified WhatsA